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La France, c’est disney world January 5, 2007

Posted by The Writers in Culture.

Since, conservatism is the one thing some elite are doing, we are seen by most of our contemporary as a curiosity.
The pretention of our local politicians to make a barrage to the influence of the exterior is turning into a joke. For example, this antiquity called ‘francophony’ is the best example as if a langauge is in need of defense by the state? As long as there is people, they will communicate in their language.
So, what is this overhead where french language is another political program? The disastrous effect of backward political francophonie is for all to see, as the recent Tv channel box available to the French (called TNT) provide more channels than
ever before. But although some are dedicted to american series, they are all overdubed making sure that nobody will ever have access to english as a spoken language, and proposing voice-over that in many time turn the actors into dummies (with irrealistic intonation in French). The problem is that, it is a long time since people go seen US movies in the cinema.

And the conservative newspapers (from left or right) plaster on their page the entrance record of some French films since as if it was a performance. Basically, French media have long dummed down their method for communicating and addressing the public.

Culture is dead since they are unable to address the concerns of the man-in-the-street. Also, many foreign countries (such as UK) have taking advantages of living in France permanently or seasonally. For example, 170 000 Brits live abroad either in Spain or Australian. There is around 150 000 in France. This is a modern version of romanticism whereby most of the people on the western countries spend their life in bureaucracies of some sort and and organise and project to live something else later thanks to some capital. The common point to all of those foreigners is that they make sure that the French do not deal with what matter the most, their money. They let them deal with their leisure. The issues they encounter since most of our administrations are backward, they read confirmation of their feelings in many more or less popular books published on the topic (see TO BE CONTINUED)

Although France dispise disney world, it is an amuzement park for adult, a place where backwardness is slightly annoying but most of the time ‘charmant’. Tourist amuzes themselves of those old fashion features of French’s life. Although Paris is a shopping center with a little touch of romantism making bored housewifes of the entire world spend their money: this is a low compensation for what French people could offer if the antic structure of France where adapted to the XXI century.

Many young americans I have meet asked me, puzzled, what was this orgie of food that was served to them during their stay in France and offered by their welcoming French bourgeois families? I understood their puzzle as it is a long time that there is other social untertainement in modern life than a 2 hours long meal especially since WWII, when things life has accelerated drastically (remember Adolf came to visit Paris and took the part of France that was economically interesting for the Reich in 6 weeks). Although I understand perfectly the socialising pattern of my people, there is no good reason to bring this mode of socialisation on the ultimate altar of savoir vivre, a moral version of what the others are unable to appraoch, that people (bourgois and lower class together) took as a sign of their own moral distinction which in fact reflects old fashion values which do not figure in the list of today’s priorities. In the developped countries, food is certainly considered more materialistically and, often less enjoyable as a result, to make you carried on your activities. But what counts is what you are doing. Because what you are doing is embodying the social values you being to the community in which you live.
The often wrong assumption that US people asked you what you do and what you earn is nothing to turn into derision. American asked you what you do and, I guess, asked you how much you earn when there is a case for comparison (which suggest that the people asked are in some kind of business where asking the salary is meaningful).
The despise of money is becoming ridiculus in Europe and in France in particular since a structural unemploment rate of 10 % of the population show the damage of such conservatism on a large mass of the population.



1. Willard Gampp - October 4, 2012

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With appreciation

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