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The primacy of State Politics as a way of reform January 5, 2007

Posted by The Writers in Politics.

The view that reforms should proceeds from the amendment of the constitution is a
tradition coming from the political cycles themselves. It is the way politicians conceives the most radical change of political life by changing some of the rule of their professional milieu.
Charles De Gaulle did some cleaning up in this direction by creating the Vth republic to remove the useless IVth which proved to make France un-governable. One can say that De Gaulle himself was the first witness of the ravage that such constition did to the possibility of France to face basic decisions and the dangers that the III Reich was imposing upon many nations in Europe.
The IVth republique political landscape was representing the tension and unified forces and interests of many groups across the political devides. In many ways, this landscape has not changed even if the names have changed but the (to be continued).


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