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21st century France

This blog is written by two people related in different ways to France: one expatriate French citizen, the other a foreigner who like many others has been puzzled by its archaisms and enchanted by its charms. Hence, the posts here will discuss France in order to better understand all aspects of France. All matters related to France will surface here in some way or another. Politics, culture, traveling, people, academia, business, whatever we find suitable to this form of public communication.


Ideally, we want our blog to be a place of exchange for those who share our concerns for France. Our motivation is to make an alternative forum for communication. Obviously, it differs from those with a professional interest in all things French such as politicians, journalists and so forth. It is also a diary of comments that we have developed around our understanding of the situation. Rather than keeping it for ourselves, we make it available to your evaluation.

Throughout the years, we have been confronted with misunderstanding and misapprehension–positive and negative. At this point, we want to publically raise some of the issues we feel are crucial for France, for instance higher education and research, technology and science, its inadapted administrative structure, the implications of the State – local relationship in the functioning of economic affairs, cultural matters.


Finally, we write in English although on occasion French will appear. Why? If nothing else, the incident a while back with Ernest-Antoine Seillière and Chirac revealed the many reasons why English is acceptable, even when dealing with French matters. (See for instance The Times blog)



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